Snow days in Devon

There has been magic in the past few days. It came from the sky, through the cold and the clouds. It came on the breeze, in the drifts and the ice.

There are many places in the world where this weather is unexceptional – but not here. Here the weather is often cold and damp, sometimes sunny. Snow though? That’s unusual.

And snow days? These are the first we’ve had in our seven years of being in Devon.

There is so much about them that has been magical:

The way the snow muffled the sounds of the world as it fell in feather-like flakes.

The way the roads became impassable, keeping us here, at home.

The way the views we have quickly come to take for granted were transformed, sprinkled with a sugar sweet coating that sparkled in the evening light.

The way the banal became beautiful – moss, leaves, buds, even simple sticks encased in ice, reflecting these strange days in their new skin.

The way the ground became a gallery, calling to the wrapped up bodies that trudged through the snow to stretch out and paint figures on it or draw up sculptures from within the cold.

We flitted in and out, from fireside to flurries. Each moment was echoed in the experience of others across the county, and yet each was as unique to us as theirs was too.

Snow in Devon does not settle often.

But this week it did, and we absorbed the magic it brought with wide eyes and frozen toes. Now that it has begun to melt, I hope that it will leave something of its sense of wonder behind.


10 thoughts on “Snow days in Devon

  1. What a fabulous snowman. It was lovely to see snow here after so many years even if my two didn’t get to go out in it (tummy bugs and ear infections).

    1. Arthur was battling with tonsillitis so didn’t spend much time outside… It was too magical to miss completely though! Hope yours are feeling much better now 🙂

  2. The snow days were so much fun. I rather have snow than wet miserable weather any day of the week. It loos like you enjoyed yourself.

    1. We did 🙂 It was lovely to get a taste of proper winter weather rather than just the usual rain!

  3. We are so lucky to experience it here in Devon. I cant remember us having such amazing snowfall since I was little. Enjoy x

    1. It reminded me of winters in Wales when I was a kid… So glad Arthur got to experience it!

  4. What gorgeous snow pictures, loving the snowman. Fingers crossed there’s no more snow for Easter though as I’m loving the spring sunshine in Devon.

    1. Yep, agreed. The sun was feeling really lovely and warm today – could definitely do with more of that 🙂

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